• Steps (English)
  • 步骤 (中文)

The steps to apply for SHMF’s relief support are as follows


  • Step 1:

    Select an appropriate Support Application Form (SAF) from the following list, download, print and fill up all relevant sections:


  • Step 2:

    Compile relevant documents stipulated in the Checklist section of the SAF.

  • Step 3:

    Scan and forward the duly filled SAF and all relevant supporting documents by email to request.shmf@gmail.com

  • Step 4:

    Our officer will review your application and make an appointment to see you or your organisation in person for further verification.

  • Step 5:

    Your case will be submitted to our operation committee for final review and decision.

  • Step 6:

    If approved, please allow one (1) to three (3) months for the disbursement of relief support.

  • Note: The steps stipulated above are a general guideline and do not constitute a contract between SHMF and the applicant. The required time and method for disbursement of relief support vary from case-to-case.



  • 步骤 1:



  • 步骤 2:


  • 步骤 3:

    扫描已填写好的申请表格和相关文件,并通过电邮把所有文件送至 request.shmf@gmail.com。

  • 步骤 4:


  • 步骤 5:


  • 步骤 6:


  • 注明:上述步㵵仅供参考,它不是本基金会与申请人的一份契约。发出支援的时间和方法依个案而定。